Great Scientists

Who have been the greatest scientists in world history? There have been several great ones and here are some of the top names to consider:


Thomas Alva Edison lived from 1847 to 1931. He earned the nickname “The Wizard of the Menlo Park.” He achieved success as a scientist and inventor. Edison patented a grand total of almost 1,100 inventions throughout his lifetime. The majority of the inventions that Edison created were phonographs, batteries, mining, cement, lights, telegraphs, etc.

Edison also made improvements to the phone invented by Alexander Graham Bell and also invented the kinescope. It was used for watching motion pictures. An interesting fact is that Edison worked nearly 20 hours every day.

Edison also worked on the digital voting system that included his electro-graphic vote recorder. He also had ideas about preserving fruit using a vacuum. Edison also had the idea of car storage batteries that were later used by Henry Ford in his car.


Galileo Galilei was an Italian scientist who was born in Pisa during 1564. Today Galileo is known as the father of modern science based on his discoveries in the areas of physics and astronomy.

Galileo’s father sent him to study medicine but decided to study math and science instead. He built his first telescope to observe planets/stars. Galileo also discovered watched a chandelier swing in a cathedral then discovered the law of pendulum. Galileo also discovered that the moon’s surface wasn’t smooth but instead included holes/burrows that are known today as craters.

Galileo also found 4 moons that revolved around Jupiter. They were also named after him. Galileo proved that Copernicus was right about the son being in the middle of our solar system. Galileo died in the year 1642.


Aristotle was Plato’s student and also a tutor of alexander the Great. Who was Aristotle? He was a Greek philosopher/scientist in the ancient world. He was born in 383 BC and worked as a zoologist, biologist, political scientist, ethicist, and master of logic/rhetoric. He also provided the world with various theories in the areas of physics/meta physics.

Aristotle learned information in various fields using his highly-intelligent mind and many writings. The bad news is that just a small percentage of his writings have survived until today. Aristotle also created collections of animal and plant specimens. He classified the items based on their features, which became a common practice in the future. Aristotle also developed theories based on the philosophy of science.


Louis Pasteur was born in 1822. He made several key contributions in the world of science, medicine, and technology. He was born in 1822 and work on chemistry/microbiology during his life.

Pasteur was the world’s first scientist to study fermentation that took place in food, which resulted from microbes. In addition, eh explained about the process of biogenesis and proposed “Germ Theory.” Pasteur also invented a method of toning/treating milk that was free from damage resulting from microbes. He referred to this process as Pasteurization and is very common in today’s milk products.